Area Activities

Our lodge offers several area activities including bird watching, nature hiking, camping, butterfly, botanical study and gives one of the best hiking experience through the Evergreen


Forest of Tanchowk or neighboring villages. You can have ample opportunity to view over 400 types of bird species as well butterflies and many more.

Bird watching

Our lodge is best location for bird lover or watcher. You can watch numerous types birds around our lodge.

Village Tour

There are few villages are located an hour hiking distance from our lodge. However, villages are getting empty. Very few peoples are living in the village. Tanchowk, Majhgaon, Patlekhet, Tomijong, and Bhachek. If you extend your stay in our lodge, we can make tour of those villages.

Hiking into the forest

Hiking into the forest is other great experience. You can see different kind of flora and fauna. There are nice camping grounds in the middle of forests, if like to extend your stay with camping in the middle of jungle, we can organize privately for you with all necessary logistics.

Butterfly viewing

Our lodge area has full of wild flowers and butterflies. You can see different kinds of butterflies just around.


If you considering to make a biking trip, than it is best choice, you can start biking from Lumle toward Chandrakot, Tanchowk, after Malafal you have to ascend right toward Kanchhi Baraha and to our lodge. After staying overnight in lodge, you can continue your biking trip toward Landruk via Bhachek or can go toward Pothana and Dhampush too.

Participate in community events and activities

Our lodge is planning to organize regular social events and activities for local communities such as environment, health, women empowerment, sustainability, organic farming ideas. So if you are interested to volunteer in these kind of activities, we offer you complementary lodging in our lodge during the event period.

Sunrise sunset viewing

Our lodge is best located to view sun rise and sunset view over Himalayas. Taking just little hike you will be in other side of our lodge on the top of the hill. From there you can have opportunity to view sunrise and sunset.

Hot Spring Trip

If you want to soak your body in natural hot spring than we can organize overnight comfortable hiking trip to Jhinuwa where the natural hot-spring is located.

Botanical Research and tour

If you are botanical researcher or students, than you can consider our area for your research or study.

Nature Tour and more

If you love nature and you to be stress free than our lodge can be best location for your entire trip. We have more other nature tour and hiking trips are available on request.