Being sustainable

From the very inception, we were determined to build and operate an ecological conservation area integrated around the eco-lodge.composting toilet

In developing our dream, we have created a business dedicated to the conservation of ┬álocal biodiversity and ecological systems. While minimizing our impact on the environment. It’s also one that involves the local community and provides meaningful employment for its people.

Kalsee Eco-lodge is all about living comfortably in harmony with our beautiful environment-appreciating the Himalayas, caring for it. And ensuring that it will be preserved for future generation.

Our remote location means we have no access to traditional services such as standard electricity, water or sewage. We viewed this is not as a shortcoming but as a challenge. And have redefined independent living to include the very best of ancient and modern philosophies and technologies. That is why, in our lodge, electricity and water hearing is provided via solar power. The water is sourced from a local stream. The organic food is sourced from local farms and farmers. The need for a sewage system is eliminated due to our use of composting toilets. ” here you can help the world by taking a holiday !”