Beverage Selections

Soft Drinks, Juice

Coke, Sprite, Pepsi                  Rs 50 per glass

Bottle Juice                              Rs 100 per glass

Seasonal Fresh Juice              Rs 200 per glass *

(*subject to available)

Tea and coffee

Black tea is available free of cost any time.

Coffee (black)                   Rs 50 per cup

Mint tea                             Rs 50 per glass/cup, Rs 200 per two liter

Milk Tea                             Rs 300 per two liter

Canned Beer- Ask about variety

Local brand (Everest, Arna, )                            Rs 400 per canned bottle
International brand ( Carlsburg, Turborg,          Rs 450 per canned bottle

Local Wine ( Rakshi )

Bottle                     Rs  200
Glass                     Rs  50

Note: All above need to order well in advance. To make a order just fill up the following form with your requirements, so that it will get ready before you arrive in our lodge. Since, we do not stock most of the thing long time.