Meals Menu

Packaged Meal Menu


Lodge Breakfast Buffet

included coffee, hot tea, and juice

Scrambled Eggs, Breakfast Potatoes, Breads, Oatmeal, Yogurt, Granola, Fresh Cut fruit,

Group Lunch Menu

Includes cup of soup, 1 entry below, tea or coffee

Penne Pasta
Penne Pasta, Local and Seasonal Vegetables, Tomatoes, Cheese

Chicken Burger
Yak cheese, Bread, Fried chicken, Tomatoes, Onion, French fries,

Group Dinner Menu

Includes a house salad, 1 entry below, desert, tea or coffee

Fried Chicken, Local and Seasonal Vegetable, Pasta, Cheese

Local Dinner
Steamed rice, Local and seasonal Vegetable, Chicken Curry,

Barbaque Menu


Chicken Barbaque                                                                 Rs 1200 per  500 grams

Chicken Barbaque                                                                 Rs 2400 per Kg

Mutton Barbaque                                                                   Rs 1500 per 500 grams

Mutton Barbaque                                                                   Rs 3000 per kg

Local Chicken Full ( usually Giriraj )                                      Rs 3000 ( nearly 2 kgs )

Note: All above should make booking in advance. No on the spot order will be available. Please fill up the following form to order your Barbeque and other additional meals. Advanced booking required.