Mission and Vision

Our main mission is to achieve sustainability in our ecotourism project using our very available resources and educating our locals. We are concerned to meet our goals as we vision not only to establish an eco-lodge to operate tourism in the area, but also contribute to community development by using what we have in our local community to mobilize both the natural and human resources in order to stabilize the social, economic, educational, and vocational aspects of the village. Hence, in order to achieve these goals as a social enterprise, we have designed a business model to fulfill the ideals of both the ecological sustainability and financial auto-sufficiency through our eco-lodge project

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As a fully licensed tour operator, we are ready to embark on our new rural development project called the Kalsee Eco-Lodge. We believe its development and operation will provide vocational job opportunities to the people living in the villages of Lumle. This will help bring awareness not only about how new job opportunities can be created within a community, but also teach the people about utilizing available resources to empower themselves without having to go abroad or move to the cities. To build Kalsee Eco-Lodge, our main man-power is the local people, our main resource is the natural surrounding, and our main principle is to utilize both of theirs energy without misusing in the most eco-friendliest way. In return, whatever economic profit is gained after the completion of the project is to be reinvested to help cover costs of community development and employment of the local people. In near future, we aspire to establish a technical school to provide vocational skills required for eco-friendly sustainable farming, animal husbandry, beekeeping and even promote local culture and arts by investing on manufacturing skills.

Community Development

90% of the people living in the villages of Lumle depend on traditional farming as the principal activity for income. However, it has not been as fulfilling and productive in terms of self-sustaining the people. One can say that agriculture can no longer to make ends meet in this rural part of Nepal. This situation over the course has forced many young people to move to the Middle East to make their livings. Of course, it is not an easy life over there as well. Thus to address this issue from a possible perspective, by securing sustainability and development in both the economy and natural environment is very urgent.

Health and Education

Poor quality of public health and education are common issues in the rural areas of Nepal, such as in the village of Lumle for one example. People have to travel several miles to get health service or even attend a school. On top of that, the education provided to students by the government is quite outdated, impractical and somewhat irrelevant to their everyday lives. Because of that, many students discontinue their education after secondary school or even before. Hence, we hope that the vocational school we look forward to establishing as mentioned earlier will encourage young students to foster new skills as well as further their education. At the same, we also plan to build a common health clinic from whatever economic profit we make. By doing so, we hope to make it more accessible and affordable for the people to overcome minor health issues.